About us

The start

In 2007 we saw the fame of Silent Disco’s increasing, and thus also the demand for the headphones. Our customers of the engineering department for events even came to us with questions… After a long search, we found that it wasn’t available anywhere. In the end, we decided to invest ourselves, and we bought about 100 wireless headphones. The first two years, we only rented them out 2 times. Not really the best investment. Back then we also worked with Sennheiser transmitters and headphones, which were, aside from the fact that they were extremely expensive, also not really suitable for this type of usage.


Introduction of our own brand

We quickly decided to introduce our own brand, which meant that we could lower the price, and it also meant that the user experience was better. This was the successful step to take, and for years we took care of (high-end b2b event especially) a variety of shows.

Because everything added together, it was quite an expensive project. We had to send someone with a van through half the country to deliver and pick up the equipment. The result was that we predominantly did big events, and left a hole for small or private use.

Online platform

This made us think, and in 2012 we introduced, as the first, an online platform where the orders were sent per post. A resounding success, because now it was possible to rent 10 headphones for a reasonable price.

In the meantime our stock has grown to more than 1000 wireless headphones and we have sent thousands of Silent Disco Boxes per post.