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Central events in a new way!

Now that it is no longer possible to organize one large central event, many events are getting stuck. As a result, we started looking for a creative solution to support the industry. Each event has its own purpose such as conveying a central message, entertaining the public or creating goodwill among the employees/members of an organization. The fact is that it’s currently no longer possible in the old way, but that of course does not change the need. Fortunately, we have the solution!

A safe solution.

With our Streaming Truck we create a beautiful and safe solution that makes it possible to organize events during this gloomy period. Streaming has of course been around for a long time and is extremely popular at the moment. This applies to small streaming services indoors or within a company. The Silent Disco Box Streaming Truck makes it possible to organize an event at a national level. A large group of people can follow the steam at various locations. Whether it’s a conference, concert, theater performance or any event, everyone participates. A big central event spread all over the country, what more could you want?

An event at any location.

The Streaming Truck is placed in a central location. We then send the user sets to the desired addresses by post. The user sets contain a desired number of headphones and transmitters. It is possible to add extras to this set to get fully into the party atmosphere, such as a smoke machine, confetti shooters, glow sticks and much more. All you have to do is supply electricity and internet at the locations. Our experienced AV technicians ensure that the streaming runs smoothly. After the event, the user sets will be returned by post.


Your are responsible for supervision and implementation of the safety measures, Silent Disco Box makes it a bit easier. It is possible to add specially designed mouth masks to the order. Due to the enormous transmission power of the headphones and transmitters, it is absolutely possible to guarantee a 1,5 meter distance between people.

The prices are simple:

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